‘OptinMonster’ WordPress Plugin Adds Full Screen Support

WordPress is one of the easiest content management systems for website building at this time, and the potential power of these websites are growing with innovative new themes and plugins. One in particular is OptinMonster, a premium plugin which can be integrated into a wide variety of WP sites to efficiently promote an e-mail list, promotion, advertisement, Facebook page, giveaway, or other miscellaneous content block.

The developers have been hard at work adding new features to the plugin thus making the yearly fee more justifiable as a greater number of themes and increase functionality have made the value of the plugin rise significantly since its first launch. This morning, OptinMonster released a large update, and any active subscribers were given an email update to notify them of the new changes.

The most notable change includes a brand new style of opt-in just dubbed “Full Screen”. When enabled, this method will utilize the entire content area of the active browser to display a simple and efficient opt-in box that is highly customizable to your particular needs. Check out the introduction video below to get more information on the latest update and visit the OptinMonster website to sign up for yourself.

Source: OptinMonster