Incorrect Use Of DJI’s ‘Mavic Pro’ Camera Cause Of Sharpness Concerns

When DJI announced their new ‘Mavic Pro' quadcopter, many were blown away by the innovative design and advanced features which ultimately lead to a massive influx of pre-orders. Shortly after, many were left contemplating the cancelling of their pre-orders after famous YouTubers like Casey Neistat showed off his first impressions footage which made it look like the Mavic Pro's camera was sub-par compared to the GoPro Karma equipped with a Hero 5 or DJI's previous Phantom 4 model.

Due to the large buzz surrounding this inferior image quality, many suspected maybe there was more to blame besides the hardware, perhaps operator error.

In the DJI keynote and promotional video, it was apparent that the new software allows you to press to focus although it wasn't clear enough to many who got their hands on the drone first that you must press to focus every time you fly to recalibrate the focus system and achieve sharp images during flight.

Since this is something you didn't have to do on the Phantom 4 and earlier models, many continued their operation in their typical fashion, missing this critical step and resulting in fuzzy, unfocused footage for their initial test flights which sparked the controversy.

Fortunately, this extra step was brought to the attention of Casey Neistat and others, who took to Twitter to squash the low-quality camera rumor with the following tweet:

To confirm this, a professional photographer by the name of Michael Shainblum has uploaded his impressions of the Mavic Pro in which he discussed this focusing issue and even gave examples of the camera in and out of focus for comparison:

Here's the camera out of focus:

Here's the camera when properly focused:

This is great news for those who pre-ordered the Mavic Pro and anyone else who is still considering picking one up as a primary or secondary aircraft.

Via: PetaPixel