Online eSports Viewership Surpasses HBO, Netflix, ESPN & Hulu Combined

A recent study from industry researchers at SuperData has discovered that the current worldwide gaming video content audience now tops 665 million people with an expected growth of 21% over the four years.

Of the 665M, a whopping 517M comes from watching gaming on YouTube while another 185M are consuming their video content from Amazon's popular video game streaming service, Twitch.

Taking this huge audience into consideration, this means that online eSports viewership is now larger than the viewers of HBO, Netflix, ESPN & Hulu, combined.

Among the 665M viewers, there is a surprisingly high female participation at 46%, and the average U.S. viewer's income is also high coming in at $58K.

With an audience of this magnitude, the earnings of the worldwide gaming video content are projected to exceed $4.6B just in 2017 making it larger in worth than some of the most famous international football leagues (soccer).

Via: PC Gamer
Source: Super Data Research