Thousands Of Online Accounts Hacked Including Amazon, Playstation, Hulu Plus & Xbox Live

Over Christmas, both Playstation Network and Xbox Live's operations ceased after a DDOS attack carried out by a hacker group known as the Lizard Squad. Since then, both services are still struggling to recover back to 100% although things have gotten even worse as news has broken out that both services among others have had a significant security breach.

While there is no confirmation that the source is indeed Anonymous, many news outlets are reporting the popular hacktivists have uploaded a file containing the usernames and passwords of 13K accounts. The affected services include Xbox Live, Playstation Network, Amazon, Hulu Plus,, Walmart, Dell,, Shutterstock, and dozens of adult-orientated web sites. This type of act goes directly against Anonymous' mission to be a voice and protector of innocent people so it would be an (and disappointing) turn for the group should they confirm that it was their doing.

The source file has since been removed, but who knows how many potential threats have gotten access it during the time that it was live. In reality, 13,000 compromised accounts are a small portion of the overall user base of each site so you're unlikely to be one of the affected users (statistically speaking). However, I'd still recommend changing your password and keeping an eye on your future credit card statements just for good measure.

Source: DailyDot