Olloclip Announces New ‘Connect’ Lens System For iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

As smartphone mobile technology becomes more advanced, more consumers are ditching a traditional point-n-shoot camera and simply relying on their mobile device to capture life's memories. The problem with this is the stock lens for devices like the iPhone are rather limited and often struggle to achieve the attractive wide shot or close-up that some users desire.

This is where a third-party company like Olloclip comes in to save the day. For the past few years, Olloclip has been producing lens accessories for iPhones and iPads which allow you to take your mobile photography to the next level without any bulky attachments. We even got our hands on the previous version for the iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus and wrote up a full review.

For the launch of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Olloclip focused on a brand new ‘connect' lens system allowing you to utilize to choose the appropriate lens mounting system and simply attach or detach the individual lenses for your specific needs with a resemblance to a traditional, interchangeable camera system.

Alongside this new connect system, Olloclip unveiled three new lens sets and their official Ollo Case for both versions of the new iPhone:

4cea49091addaa716a47ea59d55b76f6Core Lens Set – $99.99

  • Connect lens system
  • Fisheye lens (spherical effect almost reaching 180-degrees)
  • Super-wide lens (over 120-degree field of view)
  • Macro 15x lens (15x close-up magnification)

63a82c2c597c4b83142278c8e6c75959Active Lens Set – $119.99

  • Connect lens system
  • Telephoto 2x lens (2x optical zoom)
  • Ultra-wide lens (155-degree field of view)

1a8f3b48fd9f89e57a51c39a23f69ceaMacro Pro Lens Set – $79.99

  • Connect lens system
  • Macro 7x – (7x close-up magnification)
  • Macro 14x – (14x close-up magnification)
  • Macro 21x – (21x close-up magnification)

57430c7e5920be2fc000943e6fa6dce9Ollo Case (iPhone 7/7 Plus) – $29.99

  • Ready for use with olloclip lens systems
  • Rubberized bumpers for complete control
  • Scratch-resistant rear protection
  • Raised bezel keeps screen from touching when face down on flat surfaces

All of these new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus products have pre-orders now open through Olloclip's online store. Pre-ordered units are expected to ship during the middle of November.