It Is Official, 8TB Hard Drives Are Now Being Shipped

According to Moore's law, the maximum amount of hard drive storage space on the market should double every two years. Just over 2 years ago, Seagate was the first to offer a single 4TB hard drive and now they just became the first to ship a single hard drive that holds a whopping 8TB worth of data. Now I said shipped not sold as they aren't available on the consumer market just yet. For now, Seagate is reserving them for enterprise level businesses who are looking to utilize the high-capacity HDDs within their data centers.

Due to this, there is not any pricing details available to the public at this time. However, Seagate currently sells their 6TB Enterprise Capacity HDD for $505 so I'd estimate the 8TB would run in the $575-$650 range. Having 8TB worth of storage would surely be a bit overkill for the average consumer, but then again many thought that when the 1TB HDD first came out and now it has slowly become a standard for desktop computers.

Check out the source link below to read the official press release.

Via: Engadget
Source: Seagate