Oculus Rift In Legal Trouble Over Confidential Information Use

The world of virtual reality is coming at a quick pace and one of the largest players in the movement, the Oculus Rift, is already scheduled to be sold publicly next year. Facebook had recently acquired Oculus for just over $2 billion, and things have been looking up for the company although new allegations may invoke a legal battle with the founder's previous company.

According to a complaint issued through the U.S. District Court in California, a Hawaiian company called Total Recall Technologies (TRT) is taking action against Oculus founder, Palmer Luckey. The complaint suggests that Luckey was previously hired via a confidential agreement to develop a head-mounted display and then ultimately used this information and feedback in his work on the Rift just four years later.

There is no set monetary amount requested from TRT as what they are looking to receive in damages though the company did state that Luckey is “breach of contract as well as wrongful exploitation and conversion of TRT's intellectual and personal property in connection with TRT's development of affordable, immersive, virtual reality technology.”

Source: Engadget