NVIDIA’s New $600 ‘GTX 1080’ GPU Is Faster Than A $1K ‘Titan X’

As technology increases so rapidly, the GPUs found in modern computers are becoming incredibly powerful components which often correlate with higher price-points. Last year, NVIDIA unveiled their Titan X, a powerful graphics card that harnessed 8 billion transistors with 3072 CUDA cores, 6 Graphics Processing Clusters and 12GB of GDDR VRAM all for a single-unit price that topped $1K.

While this card quickly became the norm for many PC builders who were looking to run the highest graphics settings at 4K or= editors/animators who sought the efficient render and playback performance when dealing with data-heavy video footage that is now becoming a norm in the cinema world.

Just yesterday, NVIDIA dropped an even bigger bomb for the GPU market with their GTX 1080 card which vows to offer even faster performance than the Titan X for a much more reasonable $600 price tag. It runs on a new high-performance, power-efficient NVIDIA Pascal architecture which helps it run ultra-fast while consuming less power than previous models.

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Interested buyers won't even have to wait that long to get their hands on this powerhouse of a GPU. NVIDIA will begin shipping the 1080 on May 27th and will offer an initial ‘founder's edition' variant for $699 for those value the exclusive appeal of a limited edition design.

Those interested in reading the full details on the GTX 1080, the cheaper GTX 1070 and the new Pascal architecture, be sure to visit this link.

Source: YouTube, GeForce