The NomadPlus Adds Battery Storage To A Standard Apple Charger

With Apple taking a such a prominent role in the world of computing and mobile devices, there is a large market for companies to make aftermarket products that support and extend the functionality of Apple's products. Nomad is one of these companies and their clever accessories have been developed to help consumers always have a charging cable readily available while on the go.

In the past, we have reviewed their popular ChargeKey accessory and found it to be a well-made, useful product. This time around Nomad has outdone themselves with a genius little black box called the NomadPlus. While at first glance, it doesn't look like much. It actually is a battery backup that utilizes an existing Apple USB to wall outlet adapter to offer 1500mAh of extra power while on the go. For those of you who aren't aware, 1500mAh will give you an extra 70% worth of juice to your iPhone which is ideal for someone who is away from a traditional power source for an extended period of time.

The small size isn't the only advantage to the NomadPlus, but it also features a reasonable $39 price-point. In fact, the company is currently offering a 50% discount for anyone who pre-orders the NomadPlus using the coupon ‘NomadPlus‘ during checkout. This promotion is going on for a limited time only and is subject to end at any time although I verified it is still working at the time this article was written.

Source: Nomad