Nokia Lumia 1020 Leaked In Yellow, White, & Black, Rumored Specs Unveiled

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is set to be unveiled until Thursday (according to rumors), but the Windows Phone that is expected to pack a whooping 41MP camera has leaked online. The Lumia 1020 can be see above in three color options: yellow, white, & black.

According to Windows Phone Central, here are the anticipated technical specs:

  • It has optical image stabilization (OIS) built in
  • It takes the image in a 32MP and 5MP at the same time in 16:9
  • The 5MP image is over sampled dropping 7pixels into one “super pixel”
  • It shoots 38MP in 4:3
  • “Nokia 909” was an early name for it but it will be “Lumia 1020” for release
  • 2GB of RAM, an increase of 1GB from other high end Windows Phone 8 devices
  • 32GB of internal storage, no SD
  • WP8 V 8.0.10322.71
  • FM radio (Amber)
  • Flip to silence (Amber)
  • NFC is on board
  • Optional wireless charging backplate will be available

Rumors are also circulating that the Lumia 1020 will have access to a Pro Camera app that will give users access to camera adjustments such as ISO, white balance, manual focus, shutter speed, & flash.

If the rumors are true, the Nokia Lumia 1020 will be available in the U.S. via AT&T by the end of the month. The off-contract price is said to be just over $600, but on-contract or subsidized pricing is not released at this time. Stay tuned for official release details in the near future!

Via: Engadget
Source: Windows Phone Central