The ‘Nokia 8’ Is The Brand’s First Premium Android Phone

The Nokia brand has played a significant role in the mass adoption of cellular phones, and while they struggled to keep up in the innovative smartphone world, a Finnish startup called HMD Global has resurrected the brand with a new line of Android handsets including their Nokia 6 which launched in the US last month.

Since then, there have been some leaked images and specs for their upcoming high-end model dubbed the ‘Nokia 8' and today we got an official look at the device from popular tech leak source, Evan Blass, who posted this on his @evleaks Twitter account just a few hours ago:

While there isn't any confirmation on specifications, the rumored specs include a Snapdragon 835 processor as well as dual rear-facing cameras sporting premium Zeiss optics. Pricing is unknown at this time yet based on the leaked information, we expect to it fair around the same price as premium handsets in the $550-$750 range depending on the rest of the specifications and the general carrier availability.

Via: Engadget
Source: @evleaks (Twitter)