Nintendo’s Wii U To Get A $50 Price Drop On September 21st

The Wii U has been quite disappointing for the Nintendo camp especially after their launch of the original Wii was such a large success. With next-gen consoles like the PS4 and the Xbox One due for release in a few short months, Nintendo has decided to drop their Wii U console's price by $50 starting September 21st in an attempt to lure in potential buyers away from their future competitors.

This means the deluxe Wii U bundle (32GB of storage) will now be $300 which stands $100 less than the PS4's price tag and a whopping $200 less than the Xbox One. While the Wii U may be great for small kids or a great party console, I don't think the hardware and software options (EA has dropped the Wii U from most of their franchises) will pull many prospective buyers from away from the next-gen consoles whom boast much more advanced technology and more popular game titles.

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Photo Credit: Holly Green
Source: Engadget