Nintendo Switch’s Detachable Controller Design Faces Patent Lawsuit

The launch of the Nintendo Switch was an exciting time for the company whose last console was a failure costing the company lots of money. With the “secret sauce” of the Switch being its unique design with controllers that can be attached and detached depending on your playing environment.

Unfortunately for Nintendo, this innovative design might not be exclusive to the company as another hardware developer Gamevice has filed a lawsuit accusing Nintendo of infringing on their detachable controller patent. This patent is a concept that consists of a computer device linked with a pair of connected controllers with a “flexible bridge” section.

Since the Nintendo Switch doesn't harness any form of a flexible bridge, there is a chance that the courts might not even let the lawsuit proceed. However, Gamevice is asking the court to halt all production and sales of Nintendo's Switch console while awarding damages.

We will update this article with any future information as the court hearing and initial patent infringement claims are examined.

Via: The Verge