Nintendo’s New ‘Switch’ Console Teaser Shows Off The Next Generation Of Mobile Gaming

The when next generation of gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft hit the scene, Nintendo's closest competition was their Wii U system that just couldn't keep up. Sales statistics have shown the company has only shipped 10% of Wii U systems in its lifetime compared to their original Wii system. Consumers didn't have enough incentive to pull out their wallet for the successor especially with all the innovation and advanced features from the other next-gen systems.

Nintendo announced a significant partnership with Apple at their September iPhone event which will bring Mario to iOS for the first time, but that isn't all the company has up their sleeve. Back in April, Nintendo said they plan to launch a new gaming console in March of 2017 and this morning we got a sneak peek of it via this newly released teaser:

The video was uploaded to the official YouTube Nintendo channel with the following description:

Introducing Nintendo Switch! In addition to providing single and multiplayer thrills at home, the Nintendo Switch system also enables gamers to play the same title wherever, whenever and with whomever they choose. The mobility of a handheld is now added to the power of a home gaming system to enable unprecedented new video game play styles.

Dubbed the ‘Nintendo Switch,' the console has an innovative design that harnesses the ability to play at home on a conventional TV and detach a mobile tablet interface for gaming outside your home. The teaser shows off a variety of different controller configurations with a focus on support for both single and multiplayer experiences.

The video confirms that the console will support titles like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon, Skyrim and of course, Mario Kart. At this point, we don't know all that much regarding pricing, technical specs, pre-order details or an exact release date.


Stay tuned for more information as soon as it is made available.

Via: Nintendo (YouTube)