Nikon Announces The D810A, A High-End DSLR For Astrophotography

Astrophotography is a budding hobby for a lot of photographers as there's something so alluring about capturing the stars and solar system of which we only know so much about scientifically. This pastime is becoming so popular that major camera manufacturers are producing specific models with the astrophotographer in mind.

Feast your eyes on Nikon's new D810A, a new variant of the traditional D810 model planned to hit the market in the near future.

While it shares the same body and structure as the original, Nikon has said to have tweaked the infrared cut filter that will help capture the hydrogen alpha spectral wavelength in a more appealing manner.¬†In addition, Nikon added a “Long Exposure Manual Mode” that allows the user to leave their shutter open from 4-900 seconds, ideal for tracking shooting stars or other orbital movements.

B&H Photo is already taking pre-orders for the D810A on via their online store. The D810A is priced at $3,796.95 and expected to start shipping in late May of this year. Visit the product page to see the full technical specs and more information.

Via: Mashable
Source: B&H Photo