NFL Partnership To Bring Game Highlights To YouTube

Ever miss a big NFL game and wish you could just bring up YouTube to catch the highlights? This will now be possible thanks to a new partnership with YouTube and the NFL. An official YouTube Channel for the NFL has been made to showcase game highlights and as part of the deal, NFL team-related searches within Google (YouTube's parent company) will now bring up video highlights, scores, schedules, and more.

This agreement is a significant step forward for the NFL, who has long kept their digital rights carefully guarded and stuck to the traditional cable networks for viewing purposes. For the record, this partnership will not offer streaming of full games, but only a mashup of the most important parts of the game after it has commenced.

For those interested, head on over to the Official NFL YouTube Channel and browse their growing video library. The account has only been active for just over 48 hours, and they have already uploaded a whopping 51 videos.

Via: Engadget