New Call Of Duty: Ghosts Live-Action Trailer Stars Megan Fox (Video)

With Call of Duty's next installment Ghosts launching in just 3 days, Activision has uploaded their live-action trailer for the new title. These live-action trailers have become a common trend for promoting the newest COD title and in years past they have incorporated well-known celebrities including Sam Worthington, Jonah Hill, Dwight Howard, and Robert Downing Junior.

Well who did they choose this year? Megan Fox, the actress most commonly known for her role in TransformersIn the trailer, four friends and their dog experience an “epic night out” in Vegas filled with explosions, gunfights, drones, and action galore.

Megan makes a brief appearance about half-way through the video, operating a sniper rifle then saving one of the main characters from a drone as he tries to flirt with the actress. Check out the embedded commercial above and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Don't forget, Call of Duty: Ghosts will be available on November 5th in-stores and online.