Netgear’s ‘Arlo Go’ Mobile HD Camera Doesn’t Need Wi-Fi or Power (Video)

Netgear's been diving deep into the smart home scene, and their line of Arlo security cameras have been rivaling those from Nest who has previously dominated the market. The company's newest model is dubbed the ‘Arlo Go, ‘ and it is paving an entirely new segment in the market.

Unlike the rest of the Arlo line, the ‘Go' model is meant for use outside your home. It looks like the standard Arlo units with a wire-free, weatherproof design yet it has some unique advantages. First off, it doesn't rely on a Wi-Fi connection and instead utilizes Verizon's 4G LTE Network through their ‘Arlo Mobile' service. This lack of a reliance on power and data has huge advantages as you can set up the camera while camping or at a hotel or Airbnb.

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However, it does have somewhat of a catch. Every Arlo Go comes pre-activated with 15 minutes worth of recording time per month which equals out to one 30-second clip each day. However should surpass this allotted record time, you will need to purchase additional time via their monthly or annual plans.

Arlo Mobile Pricing

The Arlo Go's design is 100% wire-free and untethered with a weatherproof chassis. The camera offers HD quality at a 130-degree viewing angle with night vision and motion detection technology. The camera is powered by an integrated rechargeable battery with 2-way audio, and it harnesses a built-in SD card slow for local backup storage should the cloud storage experience interruptions.

Since it is the first product with this type of functionality to market, Netgear went with a rather steep pricing with a single Arlo Go unit selling for just under $430 through Amazon and other major retailers. For those that can swallow the high price point, the Arlo Go is now shipping.

Via: Netgear, YouTube