Netgear Announces The ‘Arlo Q Plus’, A Business-Level Wi-Fi Camera

Recently, we wrote an in-depth written and video review of Netgear's Arlo Q home Wi-Fi camera solution. While the device offers excellent value for the price, there were a few aspects where the Arlo Q might not be suitable for use in a business setting. Netgear realized this and further announced a business-grade solution this morning dubbed the Arlo Q Plus. Looking at the press release, it appears the Arlo Q plus differs in a few small areas.

With the Arlo Q Plus, you have the ability to send the data stream and power the camera unit by a single Ethernet cable. This change is ideal for efficient wiring practices as it allows a single, easy to maneuver cable to be manipulated within the walls, ceilings or floors. With this feature, it also removes the Wi-Fi necessity from the original Arlo Q for businesses that might have a Wi-Fi network running.

Arlo Q Plus Lifestyle Image 1

The Arlo Q Plus has also added a MicroSD card slot for storing a physical backup of local recordings in the event of Internet interruptions or data failure. No MicroSD card is included with purchase, and this feature is entirely optional, so the Arlo Q Plus will still record to the cloud if this slot is left empty.

Besides these two distinguishing features, the Arlo Q Plus looks and acts much like the original Arlo Q with the same 1080P HD, night vision, free 7-day cloud recordings, smart alerts and 2-way audio capabilities. There was no weatherproofing done so you'll still need to use the Arlo Wire-Free line for monitoring the outside of your business.

Due to these changes, Netgear is charging a more premium price with pre-orders now being taken at $249.99 per camera. Ship date is anticipated for May 23th, 2016.

Source: Netgear