Netflix Unveils The Season Two Teaser For Their Hit Original Series ‘House Of Cards’ (Video)

Netflix was one of the first online streaming services to debut an original series exclusively streamable for paid subscribers. Since then competitors Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video have followed suit and produced their own original content.

The most popular original series from the company is undoubtably House Of Cards, a series starring Kevin Spacey who plays a congressman trying to seek revenge on those who betrayed him. The official teaser trailer for the original show was uploaded to the Netflix YouTube channel yesterday and has already grown the hype among the show's large following.

The series has been a huge success for Netflix with an average rating of 8.9/10 stars on IMDB and has received several prestigious nominations/awards. The first season spanned across 13 episodes and the second will follow suit with another 13 episodes which are expected to be released in early 2014.

Source: YouTube