Netflix Rumored To Revive UK ‘Top Gear’ As Original Series

Image Credit: The BBC

Those familiar with the original UK-based TV show, Top Gear, likely know of its falling out that took place recently between the network and one of the most notorious hosts, Jeremy Clarkson. Since the incident, the BBC has fired Clarkson, and his two co-hosts have resigned following the network's decision.

While the BBC is planning to continue the Top Gear series with a set of new hosts, it appears Netflix may be taking advantage of the situation with a rumored plan to swoop in and revive the original Top Gear series keeping the three long-time hosts.

For legal reasons, Netflix would be unable to utilize the name Top Gear although a UK-based new outlet is stating the potential name would be House of Cars, an amusing play on the streaming service's hit original series, House of Cards.

While this is entirely unconfirmed by the Netflix camp, it wouldn't be all that surprising since they have previously capitalized on other shows with large following that had been cancelled/ended prematurely including Arrested Development, The Killing, Trailer Park Boys, The Problem Solverz, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Via: Engadget