Netflix Poaches A YouTube Star For Exclusive Series

Netflix's dive into original programming was risky though it quickly paid off thanks to the success of series like House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black. This then paved the road for future original series from the service including How To Make A Murderer, Master of None and Bloodline, who are all widely acclaimed by fans and critics alike.

In an effort to boost their original content and diversify within the younger audience segment, Netflix has been testing a unique approach. By signing deals with large social media and YouTube personalities, the service can leverage their already established fan base and ensure there will be plenty of viewers for new content. The first YouTube celebrity that comes to mind would be comedian Bo Burnham. He became a YouTube celebrity as a teenager due his witty songs and genius lyricism. A few years later, Netflix signed Bo to film and distribute his own exclusive live comedy segment on the service entitled What? and it has pulled in some impressive viewership numbers.

Just yesterday when YouTube's own ‘Miranda Sings' announced via newly uploaded video dubbed ‘I'M PREGNANT' that Netflix and herself have come to an agreement for a new exclusive series that will consist of eight episodes.

While Miranda's humor is often viewed as obnoxious by adults, she has amassed a staggering amount of young, loyal subscribers at just shy of 5.8 million. Statistically, her fans are well engaged with the content and each video she uploads averages over 1.5M views, so it is no surprise why Netflix sees potential in this girl.

Via: Engadget
Source: YouTube