Netflix Original ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 2 To Debut On June 6th, Check Out The Teaser Trailer Here (Video)

Netflix has achieved great publicity for their original series House of Cards which follows the life of Frank Underwood, a ruthless politician played by Kevin Spacey. The show has a massive following, having released its full 2nd season in early February and has already signed on for a third season. Having an original series become some popular has attracted a great deal of new subscribers to the Netflix service, whom are looking to watch the exclusive series.

While House of Cards is likely the most well-known original series from the online video streaming giant, they have also produced a handful of original content. The 2nd most popular being Orange Is The New Black, a show that takes place at a women's correctional facility. The series was met with a positive impression since its inception and yesterday Netflix posted the teaser trailer for the much-anticipated second season. I've embedded it for easy viewing and included the “Three Words” season two sneak peek below for those who are interested in watching more.

Those with a Netflix subscription will be able to stream the full season as of its June 6th release.

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