Netflix To Focus On Original Content As Subscriber Count Tops 103.95M

Cord-cutters are on the rise, and Netflix has become the go-to resource for many to consume their video content. In a recent earnings report & interview (embedded below), the streaming giant stated that they grew from 99M to 104M users during the second quarter of 2017 with most of the success attributed to their original content. Furthermore, of the 104M subscribers, they now have more international customers than domestic (US).

Within the investor PDF, Netflix discussed their focus on producing more original content and their previous decisions to cancel an underperforming series: “as much as we dislike ending a series early, it consoles us that it frees up investment for another new show, or two.”

Netflix plans to debut 40 movies this year which after the recent news of the 91 Emmy nominations for their original hit shows, we'll likely see a record amount of nominations from the service at this year's Oscars as well.

Via: Engadget
Source: Netflix (Q2 2017 Investor Letter)