Netflix Enables “Super HD” Quality Video Streaming For All Users

When Netflix launched their “Super HD” high-bitrate 1080p streaming capabilities back in January, they limited the feature strictly to Internet Providers whom were utilizing their Open Connect program. This angered many of Netflix users who wanted to stream at the highest quality offered as they were paying the same monthly fee as those who were eligible for Super HD.

Netflix has finally put an end to this madness, giving all of its customer base the ability to get access to the higher quality video capabilities as well as 3D streaming in the case of U.S. customers. You can find which titles are being offered in Super HD by looking for the  superhdicon on the movies' description page.

While this is great news for all, it is important to remember that your steaming capabilities are limited by the strength and speed of your own internet connection so just because you have the option to stream on Super HD quality doesn't mean your setup can actually handle it. Their documentation states an Internet connection speed of at least 7Mb/s is required to stream in Super HD quality.

Taken from their “help center” these are the compatible devices in which now support Super HD Streaming:

Netflix now offers Super HD streaming on many devices, including:

  • Sony PlayStation 3
  • Apple TV with 1080p
  • Roku with 1080p*
  • Nintendo Wii U
  • Windows 8 App
  • TiVo Premiere DVR
  • Blu-Ray Players, Smart TV's, Home Theaters, and Streaming Players with existing Netflix 1080p support*
  • More devices coming soon!

Via: Engadget
Source: Netflix, (2)