Nest Protect Smoke Alarm Back On Store Shelves After Recall With A Lower Price

Near the end of last month, Nest had put out a recall for their ‘Protect' smoke alarm as it was found vulnerable to an accidental alarm dismissal in the event of a real emergency. While the recall did not require sending the device back to Nest, owners of the advanced smoke alarm were asked to connect to Wi-Fi for a critical software update which disabled the popular “Wave” feature that allowed you to silence the alarm using a simple hand gesture.

During the time of this recall, Nest decided to pull all the Protect smoke alarms off store shelves (both online and brick and mortar retailers) until they could fix the problem indefinitely. As of this morning, Nest has now begun selling the device again through retailers like Best Buy although Amazon has yet to follow suit.

One of the biggest surprises with the return of the Nest Protect is a significant decrease in cost when compared to its initial retail price. Previously, it was being sold for $129 although this has now been dropped to $99. The price drop is likely due to fact that the device now offers fewer features since the Wave function is still disabled. Additionally, I'd think the lower price was a bit of damage control to save the product's reputation as many consumers may discouraged from buying the device after a previous flaw in its functionality was found to be a safety risk.

Those who would like to take advantage of the discounted price and stock up on a Nest Protect or two, can do so via the Best Buy product page.


Via: Engadget
Source: Best Buy