Nest Products Are Now Compatible With More 3rd Party Devices

Smart home automation is the way of the future that is precisely why Google secured ownership of Nest Labs last January for $3.2B. The company only has two products currently on the market yet the company is still selling an estimated 40K-50K units per month. Since their purchase by Google, Nest Labs has racked up their share of acquisitions having purchased Dropcam a few months back and Revolv just yesterday.

One of the largest selling points for their smart thermostats and smoke detectors are the ability to integrate with your smartphone via their companion app.  Nest has now made further strides forward with expanded integration with existing 3rd party devices.

These new integrations include:

  • Pebble – check and control your home's temperature through the smart watch interface
  • ivee – this home-management device now notifies you of peak energy events and allows adjustment via voice commands
  • Life360 – app that monitors consenting home dwellers' locations thus allowing automatic temperature adjustment when someone leaves or enters your home
  • WallyHome – temperatures can now be adjusted based on readings from this water-leak monitoring device
  • Rachio – this smart sprinkler controller can engage outside sprinklers should Nest Protect's alarm trigger

This expansion into further 3rd party integrations is a step in the right direction especially after the company received bad PR after a software bug ended in a digital recall of their smoke detectors this past May.

Source: Engadget