‘NBA 2K15’ Face Scanner Looks Better On Paper Than Reality (Video)

NBA 2K15 finally hit store shelves as of today and allows players the ability to enter the game in a new innovative way. This is done via an all-new face-scanning feature that utilizes the PlayStation Eye or Xbox One Kinect to compile a 3D map of your facial features in what they claim to only be a 60 second process.

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Here is what the guidelines are for successfully carrying out this process:

1.) Sit in a well-lit area, natural lighting preferred.
2.) Remove any eyewear and keep your face in the middle of the green square.
3.) Rotate your head slowly, about 30 degrees from one side to the other.
4.) Keep your face relaxed and eyes level with the camera.
5.) Use the player creator to sculpt and fine tune the result.

While on paper and in the promotional via embedded above, this appears to be awesome feature that works surprisingly well. However, the social media world has proven it to be rather poor in execution with a large percentage of gamers coming out with hideous looking monster-like faces after attempting their own scan.











A writer over at SB Nation tested out the facial scanning feature with his dog:pep_scan.0

Then he ran the same facial scanning process with himself:


While I'm sure 2K Games will push out a new NBA 2K15 update to fix this facial scanning feature, it is pretty hilarious to see what some people are getting for their early results.

And for the record, it is working for a select few:


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Via: Engadget
Source: SB Nation, (2)

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