Motorola’s Unveils A New Collection Of College Inspired Moto Xs

Motorola revolutionized mobile personalization with their Moto Maker website as it allowed consumers the chance to customize their new smartphone with impressive detail. Their flagship Moto X smartphone has been a success, but the reoccurring price drops prove that they aren't exactly flying off the shelves.

With the NCAA March Madness tournament approaching quickly, Motorola has debuted a new ‘College Collection' on their website which showcase a range of college-inspired Moto Xs for those who want to take their school spirit to the next level.

They have built the College Collection into the Moto Maker website so you can choose which colors and details are used in the phone and it will ship with a clear case with you school of choice's logo engraved. Since the college logos used on these cases are officially licensed by Uncommon, you won't find a huge variety of schools although the major ones (like UCLA, UCONN, Alabama, Notre Dame, etc.) are present.

A custom Moto X from the College Collection is available for a $399 off-contract or $49 with a two-year commitment. If you are currently enrolled in college and want to get a new customized Moto X, you can use a valid .EDU email to get a discounted price of $339 off contract.

Via: Engadget
Source: Motorola Blog, Motorola