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Apple To Buy ‘Shazam’ Music Recognition Service For $400M

When Apple opened up their App Store on their budding iOS platform, many developers arose which created iconic mobile applications that gained massive popularity and are still relevant today. Shazam was one of these genius ideas which allows your phone to recognize a song based off just a few seconds of listening to the music. Earlier today, Apple announced that they acquired Shazam in a deal rumored to be valued at $400M. Business Insider spoke with an Apple spokesperson who said: “We are thrilled that Shazam and its talented team will be joining Apple. Since the launch of the App...

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Warby Parker’s New iOS App Utilizes TrueDepth Camera

One of the most innovative features of Apple's new iPhone X is the front-facing TrueDepth camera which not only takes excellent photos, but it can accurately scan your face for authentication purposes. As you'd expect, Apple incorporated this technology natively into iOS for unlocking your phone and verifying your identity for purchases or iCloud keychain access. Beyond this, the excitement comes in when you consider what third-party app developers can do with this technology. Warby Parker is one of the first to incorporate TrueDepth results into their iOS app which is now available for download. Since the company sells...

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Samsung’s Latest Advertisement Is Aimed Directly At iPhone Users (Video)

It is no secret that the smartphone industry is cutthroat with manufacturers having to one-up each other every year while maintaining an affordability on consumer wallets. One of the biggest rivalries involves tech giants, Samsung and Apple, whose devices have gone head to head for the past decade. Adding Google and their flagship Pixel devices into the mix and the competition over handsets have never been more fierce. Consumers now have more quality models to choose from than ever before so winning over their business is a skill that these brands need to master. Samsung has released a video...

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All The Major Hardware Announcements From Google’s Keynote Event

Earlier today, Google held a press event showcasing their newest hardware products in front of media from around the world. The keynote was held in an Apple-like fashion giving insight on what the company is doing behind the scenes, providing interest statistics about their users and ultimately showing off new hardware devices. Here are the major hardware announcements that Google made during today's event: Google Home Mini Initially leaked yesterday by Walmart, the Home Mini is the little brother to their original Google Home device. With a smaller form-factor and more affordable price, the concept rivals that of Amazon's...

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The LG V30+ Will Come Exclusively To Sprint On October 13th

The new V30+ handset from LG is coming exclusively to Sprint on October 13th. The carrier will be offering a limited time deal on their online store offering $30 off a single purchase of the V30+. If you wish to buy two phones at the same time, you can score a hardware lease for two of the newest LG devices for just $38 a month rather than paying $30 a month for each unit. With 128GB of internal storage, premium earbuds, a HiFi DAC and a stellar camera system, the V30+ is a vlogger or media professionals dream smartphone....

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Bose Added Google Assistant Support To Their ‘QC 35 II’ Headphones

The Quiet Comfort 35s from Bose has been a staple in the luxury headphone market often seen used in airports and college libraries due to the mix of sleek design and excellent noise canceling technology. While it's only been a little over a year since their release, the company has released an updated version dubbed the ‘QC 35 II'. Based on the same design principles as its predecessor, the QC 35 II model offers integrated button with support for Google Assistant by way of incoming notifications, audio updates for news reports and voice commands for music and calls from your...

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