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Amazon Has Reverted Back To Selling Apple TV & Chromecast Devices

A few years ago, Amazon pulled competing media devices like Google's Chromecast and the Apple TV primarily because they did not natively support streaming on Amazon's ‘Prime Video' streaming platform. This upset Google and Apple, but Amazon stayed its course with the decision until this week when the e-commerce giant has reportedly confirmed the return of selling these two devices. This decision is a large one and surprisingly late as they could have seized some more sales for the holiday shopping season. The timing coincides with Google's action last week which blocked access to YouTube on Amazon's Echo Show...

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Amazon Purchases Rights To ‘Lord of the Rings’ TV Series

Amazon has been a dominant force in the news over the past 12 months with big plans for the future. One new path the company plans to take down the road is a multi-season series based on J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. According to reports, the Jeff Bezos owned company acquired the global television rights to the famous book and movie franchise for an undisclosed amount. Amazon Prime heads to Middle Earth. — Jeff Bezos (@JeffBezos) November 13, 2017 Considering the three movies brought in $3B at the box office and took home 17 Academy Awards, it...

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Kickstarter Suspends Autonomous SmartDesk 3 Campaign After Raising $76K

It has only been 72 hours since Autonomous launched their newest Kickstarter campaign, this time for the launch of their SmartDesk 3. Beyond the traditional sit/stand desk concept, the company integrated a touchscreen interface into the top of the SmartDesk 3 which utilizes its artificial intelligence to interact with its user. With a retail price of $600, this desk all that cheap although it is considered affordable in the smart furniture market. For the first 100 backers, you could score $150 off retail or $100 off retail if you decide to back later on. In the initial 72 hour...

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The Autonomous SmartDesk 3 ‘Kickstarter’ Campaign Has Gone Live

When ergonomic furniture became all the rage in the office scene, many consumer budgets couldn't support these high-end chairs or sit/stand desks. To combat this problem, a startup called Autonomous entered the market with their affordable line of ergonomic sit/stand desks, chairs, and stools. In the past, we reviewed the company's ErgoChair which has been a top seller since launching around this time last year. Autonomous has officially launched their newest Kickstarter campaign as of this morning despite having their previous campaign shut down after raising $615K. The latest crowdfunding attempt is to raise money for their new SmartDesk 3 which is...

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Tile’s New Pro Series Are Waterproof With Double The Performance

Tile that took an everyday problem that consumers run into (losing valuable items) and used modern technology to help solve this dilemma in an affordable and intelligent way. Since the launch of the original Tile model, the company has released several new iterations. Today they announced their Pro Series which is geared for users who don't mind dishing out a little bit more cash for a sleeker, more robust design and better performance. Earlier today they announced their Pro Series which is geared for users who don't mind dishing out a little bit more cash for a sleeker, more...

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US Army Halts Use Of DJI Drones Due To Cyber Security Concerns

DJI is the most well-known company in the consumer quadcopter market, and their business has exploded over the last five years as drone technology improves and general pricing gets more affordable. Since the technology has become so advanced, even the Army has been utilizing DJI models sold right off the shelf for military operations like reconnaissance, engineering support, communications and fire support. While they Army gained great functionality out of these consumer drones for a small cost, a recent memo urged all Army personnel to immediately stop all use of DJI products via the following order:  “cease all use, uninstall...

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