Microsoft’s Xbox One Controller Now Supports PC Gaming

PC games have been in existence for far longer than consoles and many gamers have stayed loyal to the platform thus sticking to a traditional mouse and keyboard to satisfy their needs. If you're familiar with playing FPS on the PC, you may even argue that a keyboard and mouse offers more versatility and precision when it comes to a player's overall skills and game performance.

Now for those set in their ways and are completely content with a mouse and keyboard as they have spent years crafting their skills, I commend you. However, if you're someone who may be new to PC gaming then you'd likely rather opt to use a controller as it is a more familiar experience and easier to get used to.

Microsoft has offered Windows drivers for their Xbox 360 controller in the past, but it wasn't until earlier today that the company released an official Windows driver for the new Xbox One controller. This means you can now use the next-gen console controller for PC gaming although you will need a MicroUSB cable to connect it to your PC.

For those of you who are interested in downloading the Xbox One controller drivers, click here.

Via: TechCrunch
Source: Major Nelson
Photo Credit: WikiMedia