Microsoft’s New Surface Membership Plans Offer Monthly Payments

If you've purchased a cell phone on any of the major carriers lately, you probably have seen most companies are adopting to monthly payment plans on new devices compared to the traditional 2-year contract with a subsidized device cost. This method has been working well for consumers as it offers the ability to snag the newest devices without the need to dish out a single lump sum.

Apple recently adopted this type of deal with the ‘iPhone Upgrade Program' which works independently of cellular providers yet allows for 24-month device payments and upgrades to the newest iPhone models each year.

It seems this type of financial structuring is catching on in other markets as Microsoft just unveiled their new ‘Surface Membership Plan'. Under this new program, consumers can snag their choice of the latest Surface hardware for a low monthly price starting at $32.99 per month for a base model Surface 3. On the other end, the highest end Surface Book model will run you $220.99 for 18 months or $160.99 for 30 months.

Each plan can be individually catered to your needs with the option between all versions of the Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 and Surface 3 with a choice between 18-month, 24-month and 30-month device payment plans. Each membership includes phone/in-store tech support, one-on-one personal training, in-store discounts on future purchases and Microsoft's Complete for Business Extended Service Plan with Accidental Damage Protection.

Should Microsoft debut a new line of Surface products during the time of your lease, you can upgrade to the newest models by returning your previous generation unit and signing a new contract. As of now, it seems this program is geared for business use, although I'm not quite sure how they will determine who qualifies under this.

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Via: Engadget
Source: Microsoft