Microsoft’s Holiday Price Cut Makes Their Xbox One Cheaper Than A PS4

With the holiday shopping season about to hit full swing, retailers are working hard to prepare for the mass influx of sales that are bound to take place over the next two months. Since the next-generation game console battle is still raging on, Microsoft has decided to carry out a bold strategy with the hope it will pay off during this holiday season.

For the first time, the base model of Microsoft's Xbox One console will be priced $50 cheaper than that of Sony's PS4. The regular price of the base console (includes no Kinect sensor) is $399 so this $50 holiday discount is scheduled to run from November 2nd until January 3rd. Reports are saying the $50 savings will be present on all “console plus game” bundles including the Assassins Creed and Sunset Overdrive bundles.

Microsoft is banking on this strategy to increase sales and gain valuable market share in the next-gen console industry. The real question is will it be enough to make the Xbox One the highest selling next-gen console this holiday season?

Source: TechCrunch