Microsoft Unveils New Surface Models, VR Headset & Windows 10 Changes

Just one day before Apple's new Mac announcement, Microsoft held a press event showcasing their new hardware and software updates as a way to win over early consumer interest.

Here are the notable announcements made during today's keynote:

Windows 10 Creators Update

A new ‘Creators Update' is coming to new and existing Windows 10 users in 2017. Included in this update is live-streaming, 3D creation tools, integrations with Xbox consoles and added communication features.

3D Paint

A revised version of the original Microsoft Paint that will come free with the new version of Windows 10. With a focus on 3D support, this release allows users to make ‘3D memories' as well as Minecraft creations and interactive art. Works made in 3D Paint can be viewed on a HoloLens, another VR/AR headset or shared to social media outlets like Facebook.

Windows VR Headsets

Separate from the HoloLens, Microsoft unveiled a new VR headset designed specifically for Windows 10. These new headsets start at $299 and run the same software as HoloLens. Microsoft announced hardware partnerships with Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer and ASUS though no release date has been made available.

Xbox Live Streaming

Support for live broadcasting is built directly into the Xbox App within the Windows 10 Creators Update. There is added integration and interaction with Xbox Live friends as well as a new arena platform that offers the ability to configure custom tournaments and challenges. Dolby Atmos support has been added to the Xbox via the Creators Update.

Surface Studio All-In-One PC

A brand new product from Microsoft and the company's first all-in-one desktop PC to-date. With an incredibly thin profile of only 12.5mm, the touchscreen PC offers a 28-inch PixelSense display, GeForce 980M graphics (a mobile GPU), Intel i7 processor, up to 32GB of RAM and 2TB of storage.

Includes a “zero-gravity” hinge which offers the ability to tilt the screen down for drawing. Pre-orders opened today starting at $2,999 with limited quantities expected to ship in time for the holiday season.

Surface Book i7

The newest high-end model of last year's Surface Book, offering the same design with better specifications. Improvements include a larger battery (marketed to offer up to 16 hours of battery life), Intel's i7 processor (previously capped at i5) and double the graphics memory. Pricing for the i7 model starts at $2,399 and will ship in November.

Surface Dial

All-new accessory for Surface devices offering haptic feedback and a twistable design for working with multimedia. It can be placed on the Surface Studio screen allowing for contextual use. Will retail for $99.99, but comes included free with any Surface Studio preorders.