Microsoft To Debut A $399 Standalone Xbox One & Less Xbox Live Restrictions To Compete With PS4


The battle of the next-gens has been an interesting one thus far with both Sony and Microsoft putting up large sales numbers considering the consoles have only been on the market for 6-7 months. It is evident that Sony's PS4 has gained more customers with recent statistics showing a lead by over 2M consoles likely due to its cheaper price-point and fewer restrictions.

Microsoft's newly appointed Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has noticed the situation and is making some major changes regarding the Xbox One to help it better compete with its PS4 rival. The most surprising decision is to launch a standalone Xbox One console (without a bundled next-gen Kinect) for the discounted price of $399 starting June 9th. Putting the Xbox One on a level playing field with the PS4 is a great step from the Microsoft camp especially when some of us (me included) don't plan to utilize the Kinect all that often and wouldn't miss it too badly.

Secondly, the Xbox One (as well as the Xbox 360) will now offer more use out of the system without the need for an Xbox Live Gold membership. No, you won't be able to play multiplayer over Live without a subscription, but you will now be able to access streaming services like Netflix & Hulu Plus as well as Internet Explorer and Skype among others without the need for an active Gold subscription.

Those of you who wish to pre-order the $399 Xbox One can do so immediately via Amazon.

Photo Credit: Marco Verch
Source: The Verge