Microsoft To Test ‘Gears Of War 4’ Cross-Platform Multiplayer Support This Weekend

At this past E3 Expo, Microsoft kept pushing the idea of cross-platform support coming to the Xbox One which would offer the ability for console gamers to play with friends who prefer to do their gaming on a PC.

Up until now, this cross-platform feature has been limited to cooperative modes on select titles. However, Microsoft has announced that this weekend, the company will test cross-platform multiplayer competitive modes on Gear of War 4.

There has long been the perception that PC players have a huge advantage due to the precision combination of a mouse and keyboard over a traditional console controller. This will be an interesting experiment to see if console players will be able to keep up with their PC opponents.

While the initial test will be confined to an individual ‘crossplay' playlist, a successful run may cause it to become a permanent staple in the competitive gaming scene.

Via: Engadget