Researchers At Microsoft Discover Algorithm To Stabilize Shaky Camera Footage

A team of researchers at Microsoft have discovered an innovative new algorithm that will help stabilize shaky camera footage. This type of technology ideal for GoPro footage as it often results in a noticeable shake throughout use when driving, running, or riding with the portable camera equipped.

Now there are plenty of ways to stabilize footage already and most professional video-editing software offer a built-in stabilizer feature, but this algorithm dubbed the “Hyperlapse” operates in a completely different and unique manner. It calculates a 3D camera path and stitches multiple frames together in order to produce a crisp and smooth video footage without the need to crop. A great explanation and example of this advanced technology can be seen in the video embedded below right around the 4:00 mark:

Now there are a few things to note about the Hyperlapse algorithm that are restricting at this time. First off, the algorithm is currently only meant to produce fluid video when the original source footage is played at 10x speed. There are still some noticeable artifacts present within the Hyperlapse footage, but they are easy to miss thanks to the 10x speed and it still looks far better than the original footage (see additional comparison video below).

Of course, this algorithm is rather advanced and requires a lot of processing power to develop an accurate 3D plane and combine multiple frames in a precise manner to achieve a fluid shot so I wouldn't expect it to be found in any consumer-grade software anytime soon. However, an advancement like this is always a huge milestone that within the next few years may become a standard for achieving stable video footage.

Via: Engadget
Source: Microsoft Research