Microsoft Has Released Outlook For Mac 2015 Edition

01-Mail-All-Retina-640x421Microsoft has finally released a new version of Outlook for Mac, making this the first piece of updated software to their ‘Office for Mac' suite since 2011. The new 2015 Outlook update was rolled out exclusively to Office 365 users as of this past Friday.

This is the first update of several pieces of software bundled within the Office suite and Microsoft made the decision to let it go public ahead of schedule since they simply knew it was ready for launch whereas its counterparts are not at that point just yet.

They did make a further announcement stating the rest of the Office for Mac suite such as Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint will be available to users sometime this 2015 calendar year. The company has plans to run a public beta during the first half in order to work out all the bugs then schedule a final release at a later 2015 date.

This release is great news for Apple customers as there have been many complaints about the lack of support for the OS when it comes to the updates for the ultra-popular business software. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft were intentionally keeping Mac users on the outdated Office platform so long to help make PCs an easier sell for business use.

Source: Mashable