Microsoft Has Quietly Announced A ‘Modern’ Keyboard & Mouse

While Apple has been widely applauded for the design and build-quality of their peripherals, but they have some new competition coming from Microsoft.

The company who introduced the Windows OS to the world has just quietly released a ‘Modern' keyboard and mouse which were crafted to match their growing line of Surface products.

Native support for Windows PCs is understandably their first priority, but both models will connect to Apple's Mac and iOS devices that support Bluetooth 4.0.

Their Modern Keyboard is sleek with a low profile aluminum frame that Microsoft boasts as “virtually indestructible” with a full design that offers a full number pad. It can be used either through a wired connection or Bluetooth 4.0 as the internal battery lasts up to two months on a single charge.

One of the cool quirks of the Modern Keyboard is the “hidden” fingerprint sensor which is found within a dedicated button located between the Alt and Ctrl keys. Unfortunately, it appears this fingerprint sensor is tied directly into Windows Hello thus no Apple compatibility, at least for now.

The Modern Mouse utilizes the same metal finish as the keyboard with support for “premium precision pointing and clicking” which also appears to be a Windows exclusive at least initially. Unlike the keyboard, the mouse is run off standard AAA batteries which are expected to offer around a year of battery life.

Pricing starts at $129.99 for the Modern Keyboard and $49.99 for the Modern Mouse, both already have product pages on Microsoft's website yet there is no purchase available just a ‘Coming soon' button.

Via: MacRumors
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