Microsoft Debuts Xbox One Launch Advertisement (Video)

With the Xbox One is set to have a U.S. launch in just under a month (November 22nd),  Microsoft is prepping their advertising guns in an effort to promote the new console and attract potential buyers. The months leading up to this release have not gone the smoothest with a major reversal on their policies regarding the new system's DRM structure. To start this advertising effort, Microsoft produced this launch video which “invites” consumers to join the Xbox One experience.

The advertisement runs a minute and thirty-four seconds long with a strong emphasis on the future of gaming and entertainment. Besides showing off how the system is used to play games, the commercial demonstrates more advanced features such as the use of the new Kinect sensor to choose a movie to watch and receiving a Skype video call while a soccer game is streaming. They also tied in well-known characters and objects such as a zombie from Dead Rising 3, Spock from Star Trek Into Darkness, and a robot from Titan Fall, to familiarize the new console to a pre-existing series and showing what the future of these series will entail.

I, for one found the commercial to be refreshingly original and thought they have done an excellent job showing off the next-gen console in the small amount of time allotted. I am now even more excited for the Xbox One release and happy that I had pulled the trigger on pre-ordering the new console several months ago. It will be a serious battle between Sony and Microsoft to convince gamers to upgrade to the newest console especially at the higher price-point so it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Source: Microsoft Blog, YouTube