Microsoft Debuts Their First Smart Thermostat Backed By Cortana

Companies like Nest and Honeywell have been very successful in the smart home market with their smart thermostat products, but there is plenty of market share left for new competitors within the space.

Microsoft has just announced a new smart thermostat called the GLAS which is both sleek and functional. Built in conjunction with Johnson Controls (the company that made the first electric room thermostat), the GLAS incorporates Cortana voice controls alongside Windows 10 IoT core operating system and Azure Cloud computing services.

One of the coolest features in the GLAS is the translucent display which is also a touchscreen. As you'd expect with most smart thermostats, the GLAS can sense when you are present in the home and adjust your room temperature settings accordingly all while monitoring air quality and improving energy usage.

Besides this introduction video from Microsoft, we don't know the important details like pricing and release date. However, a safe assumption would be that it will debut in the coming months, somewhere around the $200 price-point that the Nest and Honeywell models are being sold for.

Via: TechRadar
Source: YouTube