Microsoft Debuts The Surface Pro 3, A 12-Inch Tablet Designed To Replace Your Laptop (Video)

Earlier this morning, Microsoft held a small press conference in NYC to unveil a new product. This turned out to be the new, larger Surface Pro 3 tablet which will be the company's new flagship product. While most tablet manufacturer's are thinking “smaller” (aka the iPad Mini), Microsoft is thinking larger and the Surface Pro 3's new 12-inch design was geared for replacing your heavy laptop.

Here's what we know so far about the Surface Pro 3:

  • Harnesses a 12-inch screen with a pixel-dense resolution of 2160 x 1440
  • Measures in at only 9.1mm thick making it the thinnest device that utilizes a Intel Core i7 processor
  • Supports a “pen” input, ideal for use with creative professionals or note taking
  • Weighs only 800g ¬†or 1.76 pounds which is more than an iPad Air or Galaxy Tab 3, but lighter than any laptop it hopes to replace including the Macbook Air
  • Redesigned rear kickstand which allows the screen to sit at a near-flat angle of 150-degrees
  • New Type Cover keyboard has improved ergonomics and a redesigned touchpad
  • Processors range from Intel Core i3 all the way up to i7 for an increased price
  • Features USB 3.0 inputs
  • Storage will range from 64GB to 512GB
  • Wi-Fi only to start, no information on LTE availability yet
  • Surface Pro 2 will still be sold for now
  • Pricing for the base model (Core i3 processor, 64GB storage) starts at $799

The Surface Pro 3 will be available for pre-order as of tomorrow, May 20th.

Source: Engadget