Microsoft Debuts ‘RoomAlive’ Proof Of Concept (Video)

Microsoft debuted their ‘Illumiroom' research project at last year's CES keynote, people were blown away at the potential of interactivity gaming could see in the future. While the whole idea of the projection system was a bit far-fetched, it pushed the boundaries on where we imagined the gaming world going and kept us entertained.

This year, Microsoft is back, and they have released a new proof of concept called RoomAlive that many media outlets are dubbing “Illumiroom 2.0”. This time around, Microsoft took the idea of turning a wall into an interactive gaming element and now attempts to transform your entire room into just this by using a mixture of Kinect sensors and projectors.

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The projectors allow for the room to take on new attributes of colors and shapes whereas the Kinect sensors allow the ability to track your movement throughout the room for interactivity. While this new idea took the practicality of a consumer product even further from reach, it is pretty amazing to see what gaming world could potentially evolve into several years down the road.

Be sure to check out the embedded video above and feel free to express your opinion about this proof of concept in the comments section.

Via: The Verge
Source: YouTube