Microsoft Will Debut Cheap Windows Laptops To Compete With Google’s Chromebooks

Over the past few years, consumer laptops have dropped significantly in price as competition has increased with the influx of tablets and Chromebooks that are competing for market share. Microsoft's line of Surface and Surface Pro tablets have done an excellent job filling the void between a tablet and a laptop. However, their high pricing structure keeps the Chromebook a more suitable choice for the budget-conscious consumer.

Microsoft has realized this dilemma and has announced plans to debut their own Chromebook competitors in time for the 2014 holiday season. This will be a line of notebooks with reasonable specs that are capable of running full versions of Windows, Office, and desktop applications.


The graphic above showcases two of their ultra-affordable SKUs which includes a 15.6″ Acer model with 4GB of RAM as well as a 11.6″ Toshiba model with a 32GB SSD and an overall weight of under 2.4lbs.

Microsoft's advertisement pushes the “value of Windows” and includes “6 things a Chromebook can't do”:

  1. Run both native and web apps
  2. Run full Office
  3. Desktop applications
  4. Work well Offline and with limited bandwidth
  5. Work With many peripherals i.e. driver availability
  6. Print directly to your printer

Stay tuned for more details about this expanding line from Microsoft and their various hardware partners as more information is announced.

Via: Engadget
Photo Credit: Luis Roca