Microsoft Bumps Free OneDrive Storage To 15GB, Office 365 Subscribers Will Get 1TB

Th cloud storage industry has been rapidly growing over the past 5 years and with this growth has come an abundance of free storage space being offered from the various competitors in the market. Microsoft's cloud service is known as the OneDrive (originally SkyDrive) and up until a few days ago, users could get 7GB of storage space for free and Office 365 users were given an additional 20GB included with their subscription. If you wished to upgrade this storage even further, you'd need to pay $7.49/month for the 100GB plan or $11.49 for the 200GB plan.

Since Microsoft originally unveiled these OneDrive prices both Google Drive and Apple's iCloud have slashed prices on their own cloud storage services which put Microsoft's pricing to shame and gave them a significant disadvantage. In order to stay competitive, Microsoft has refreshed their pricing structure for their OneDrive plans which should keep themselves in the game.

From now on, all users get a bump from 7GB to 15GB of free cloud storage and Office 365 subscribers now get a massive upgrade from 20GB of cloud storage all the way up to 1TB. Additionally, Microsoft dropped the pricing on their paid upgrades so the 100GB plan has had the price slashed to only $1.99 and the 200GB plan is now $3.99. If you require more space than the 200GB plan, you'll need to sign up for Office 365 Personal which runs at $6.99 per month ($70 if paid annually) although this higher price offers the 1TB of storage in addition to full licenses for the Microsoft Office suite for up to 1 PC or Mac and 1 tablet.

Keep in mind, the updated storage limits won't go in effect until next month so we will have to deal with the lower limits until then.

Source: Microsoft OneDrive