Microsoft Announces ‘Windows 10’ OS With A 2015 Release Date (Video)

Microsoft held a private press event earlier today to showcase their next generation Windows operating system which they later informed the audience would be called Windows 10. I think everyone was under the impression that Windows 9 would be the official name however the company said they based their decision on the giant leap the OS has taken and boasted it as “the most comprehensive platform ever”.

The “continuum” interface design takes full advantage of a responsive design thus allowing the OS to be seamlessly installed on traditional computing machines, as well as mobile devices. Throughout the keynote, Microsoft executives showed off an early beta of Windows 10 and claimed the company sought to offer the functionality of Windows 8 coupled with the familiar feel of Windows 7.

There are no pricing details announced just yet, but we do know the software will be expected to ship sometime during 2015. To watch the full keynote in its entirety, check out the video embedded below.

If you wish to simply take a quick look at the new “continuum” design in action, watch this.

Source: Microsoft