Meet ‘Meural’, A High-Tech Take On Traditional Wall Art (Video)

If you've ever had to decorate your home or apartment with wall art, you likely now how expensive this type of thing can be even just to buy a simple print on canvas. A new startup has emerged dubbed ‘Meural' and their mission is to offer a unique tech-forward solution for this market to spice up any room while adding great value and versatility for the price.

The concept is rather simple. You buy a digital ‘Meural' canvas which comes framed neatly similar to a piece of traditional art. These will be sold for a flat fee of $495 or $395 during the promotional pre-order period.

6. Black Design - Close-Up - Feat. Claude Monet

Once you receive the Meural unit, you will be able to digitally choose which of your own photos or pieces of art will be displayed on the digital screen or browse from a wide array of licensed paintings or prints curated by Meural.

Each purchase comes with a year of updates to the Meural art collection. Once this period ends, you can maintain your subscription for $4.95 per month or pay nothing while you can still show previously downloaded or personal art.

Check out the company's website to get more information on the product and pre-order process. The $100 off promotional pricing ends in 41 days so act fast if you want to score the product for a significant discount.

Source: Meural