Massive DDOS Attacks Take Down Major Services Like Spotify, Twitter, Reddit & Box

The Hacker gods have caused mayhem throughout the Internet today by way of a slew of DDOS attacks against many major sites and web-based platforms. While some of these services have already recovered, there are still some who have yet to overcome this deliberate attacks and remain unavailable potentially looking hundreds of thousands of dollars maybe even millions due to the unexpected downtime.

Here is a list of known companies affected by today's attacks:

  • Netflix (restored)
  • Soundcloud
  • Twitter
  • Etsy
  • Github
  • Spotify (restored)
  • Tumblr (restored)
  • New York Times (restored)
  • Reddit (restored)
  • Paypal
  • WhatsApp
  • Daily News (restored)
  • CNN (restored)
  • Box

According to several reports, a source of much of the downtime happened when unidentified hackers attacked a company known as Dyn who is responsible for hosting the DNS servers for many of the companies affected by the situation.

Via: RT