Man Makes An Epic Effort To Save His Drone From A Water Landing (Video)

The popularity of quadcopters is in full stride with DJI being a leader in the industry especially after their recent announcement of their new consumer-level model, the Phantom 3.

While these types of drones can be a heck of a lot of fun and capture some awesome images/video, there are some darker sides to the products including physical harm when coming in contact with the spinning propellers as well as mechanical failures that can ruin or completely lose your expensive gadget in a matter of seconds.

Yesterday, a video began making its way around the web that shows a guy flying his drone over the ocean while he stands on the beach manning the controls. For a reason not stated, the drone takes on a mind of its own and begins to drift lower and lower towards the wave-ridden ocean. The owner quickly jumps into gear and makes a glorious effort to save his flying companion before its ultimate death.

Surprisingly, the man was able to make it just in time having run quite a distance and jumping down a rock-wall to get it within reach. Check out the video embedded below and be weary of getting yourself into a situation where this could happen!

Source: YouTube